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  • Enterprise control – manage all the features via command line scripts as well as Data Igloo interface. This provides granular control for enterprise environments where you are redirecting profiles, folders, registry keys on multiple computers from a central location.
  • Simple installation – intuitive and easy to use, Data Igloo allows administrator to redirect data or user profiles in just a few minutes without any training. No need to learn about NTFS junction points or complicated procedure. Data Igloo provides silent install, upgrade and uninstall functionality.
  • Easy to use - A simple point and click interface allows users to select the source data, select the target ThawSpace, and move the data. Any future changes or new data will automatically be redirected.
  • Seamless user experience –  The End User is unaware of any changes as Data Igloo’s redirection of data renders it invisible to the End User. Everything on the workstation looks and functions as before, no user training required!
  • Secure workstation – retain vital data across restarts on a Frozen workstation in a Thawed partition. The operating system is still on a Frozen partition and remains fully protected.  With Data Igloo user created files, documents, settings, favorites, AV Updates or even entire user profiles are retained across reboots.

Faronics Data Igloo enables users to seamlessly and efficiently retain user data on machines protected by our system restore software Deep Freeze. Organizations are able to ensure 100% integrity and reliability of machines and provide flexibility to save user settings, files and documents without any negative impact on user experience.

Faronics Data Igloo allows Deep Freeze users to exempt specified data folders, entire user profiles, or even registry keys from being Frozen by redirecting them to a Thawed partition (or ThawSpace), while keeping the operating system partition completely protected.



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