Faronics Insight: Classroom Management and Monitoring Software


  • Support for Insight Student on Google Chromebooks for Intel and ARM hardware. It supports features like Thumbnail Monitoring, Show Teacher, Draw on Screen, Limit Web, Send Message, Vote / Polling, Ask Teacher a Question, Details of Student to Teacher, Class List support, Testing, Run URL, Blank Screen and Internet History. Learn More
  • Regain control of your classroom with Faronics Insight. Now you can monitor all user activity from the convenience of your own workstation. Forget about trying to fight distractions. Simply remove them with the ability to limit Web, applications, print, and drives. Getting classes started is a challenge everywhere. With the ability to blank student screens and lock keyboards/mice, you can command attention the second the bell rings.
  • Promote collaboration and deliver an interactive lesson that keeps students engaged. Using the audio, chat, and broadcast features, you can communicate in new ways. Sharing your screen or a student’s screen with the rest of the class gives students a hands-on learning experience. Involving students in decision-making is easy with the quick voting tool, and you can replace the traditional clicker system to get a quick pulse on student understanding.
  • Central management is made possible with the new free Tech Console. Now you can eliminate the headache of managing multiple labs, schools, and networks. It’s easy to provide remote support to teachers and students alike, so you can minimize lesson disruptions and help classrooms out even in another building. It includes many basic desktop management tools that help you stay on top of inventory, assets, software updates, security, and even control Faronics Deep Freeze. Life just got a lot easier.

System Requirements





Technical Advantages

Low network bandwidth

Insight requires between 5% and 20% of the bandwidth used by the competition. While showing the teacher’s screen, Insight uses around 24 KB/sec. Monitoring thumbnails requires less than 10 KB/sec. Because Insight uses a broadcast or multicast packet, the bandwidth required for controlling two computers is close to that required by 250 computers. Other product’s bandwidth requirements increase with every additional computer that is monitored.


Insight thwarts attempts by students to disrupt the class by disabling the software. Insight students will re-join the session if the network is unplugged, the service will re-start automatically, and registry keys are protected from change. Savvy students will have the competitive products disabled in minutes.


If you suspect a student is using a unauthorized teacher console, you can quickly identify them with the security monitoring tool. It captures all Insight activity to a log file. There is also a “secure” version of Insight that requires teachers to enter a password to open the console.

Works with Subnets and VLANS

Insight functions across subnets and VLANs using Multicast and Directed Broadcast technology. Port 796 is the only port required.

Low processor and memory requirements

Insight only requires about 4% of the processor and 8 MB of memory on the client.

Unbeatable Support Policy

Insight comes with free telephone and e-mail support.


Faronics Insight puts teachers back in control of the classroom. Using the simple Teacher Console, you can eliminate distractions from surfing the web to online gaming. Sometimes it’s difficult to know that students are actually working on the lesson. Now you can be confident students are on-task thanks to handy monitoring features like the ability to randomly rotate through student screens and project them to the front of the class.

Engaging students has never been easier. Our classroom management software promotes interactive learning with broadcasting and sharing features. The built-in chat allows teachers and students to have one-on-one conversations without disrupting the rest of the class. Getting lost students back on track is quick with the remote control features. Planning the perfect learning pace is possible with the testing and voting features that help you gauge student understanding.

Managing a network of labs with so many computers can sometimes be overwhelming. Thanks to the handy Tech Console, IT professionals can provide remote support to teachers and students alike. Loaded with basic desktop management features, it helps IT to schedule tasks remotely that used to be performed on-site. It also helps IT to monitor security risks, keep machines up-to date, report on technology usage, and even control Faronics Deep Freeze.

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