Need to Prevent
Data From Leaving?

Whether you’re working on classified government files or the magic ingredient for your famous lasagna, you need to protect your secrets for walking out the door.
Faronics WINSelect offers the ability to disable USB ports and disk drives. Now you can relax knowing your secrets won’t be exported without your knowledge.Ensuring computers are dedicated to their intended use has never been easier than with Faronics WINSelect. Whether you want to lockdown a public access kiosk or lock down workstations across your entire network, we’ve got you covered. Now you can limit everything from applications to printing, while eliminating IT support tickets on everything from one machine to thousands.


Lock down Machine
Prevent data theft, disable LPT, USB, drive ports



Network Filtering
Define access to web, file, network and print resources



File Extension Limiting
Block unwanted file extensions from execution



Web Filtering
Lockdown browser and system settings




File Access Management
Disable folder, file manipulation and UNC access



Application Limiting
Application lockdown – MS Office etc.



User Session Management
Control user access based on time and security code



Kiosk Mode
Enable KIOSK mode




Kiosk options
Kiosk options help you control public access machines with just one click. WINSelect allows you to automatically launch specified applications right at the start-up. You can also block access to specific menu items, as well as access to specific applications that you don’t want people using. And it’s all done with the click of a mouse. How’s that for simple?



Restrict settings
for opening, saving, printing, and even timers. In public access environments, you can easily keep machines free of personal data, while controlling what information comes in or out by disabling USB and disk drives. And built-in session timers help you ensure that everyone gets a turn.



Browser restrictions
allow you to control what users can do on the Web. You can disable features within Internet Explore and Mozilla Firefox. You can also freeze the homepage and prevent changes. Or you can create a list of allowed or restricted websites to ensure end users are using the computers for the intended purpose.



Enterprise-level control
is easy using the built-in Faronics Core Console. It makes it easy to deploy, configure and manage WINSelect across your network. You can schedule and execute tasks using groups and even apply configuration changes when workstations are powered off. You can even schedule WINSelect restriction times and levels to meet the demands of your unique environment.



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